Basic configuration

set folder      = imaps://
set imap_user   =
set imap_pass   = your-imap-password
set spoolfile   = +INBOX
mailboxes       = +INBOX

A simple configuration file in 5 lines to access the inbox of an account and read e-mai...

Arch Install Notes

This post contains notes by me when installing Arch linux. The installation was made using the official Arch install guide. Other installation guides was used for particular installation steps and is then referenced.

P. Preparations

P1. Create installation media


Arch Post-Install Notes

Setup DHCP with networkd

First we use networkctl list, ls /sys/class/net or ip link to get the names of the the network interfaces. We then setup files for the wired and wireless interfaces.



Sway on Arch

Sway is 100% compatible with i3, aside from several features that only make sense with X11.


sway can be installed with the sway package. You may also install swaylock and swayidle to lock your screen and set up an idle manager. Polkit can make configuration with swayi...